Jacksonville pet store allows sick customers to call in order amid COVID-19 outbreak

Earth Pets employees also wiping down credit card readers before customers use keypad

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Professional sports, the entertainment world, restaurants and businesses have all been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

In Jacksonville, Steve Hubert, the owner of Earth Pets, a small pet store in San Marco, is taking extra precautions to protect his business and his customers.

“We’re doing everything we can," Hubert said. "We’re wiping down all surfaces with EPA compliant products such as the Clorox products we have here. All the door handles, all the freezers are being taken care of and all the bathrooms.”

Employees are also sanitizing the credit card reader before customers use the keypad. Patrick Griggs, a customer, said that precaution took him by surprise as he pulled out his debit card.

“Until this moment I hadn’t thought about it, but after seeing him wipe it down, it would be a very important thing to do," Griggs said.

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Hubert said he worries about customers with compromised immune systems or customers who may be so sick that it could cause concern for other customers, so he started a curbside service that eliminates the need for sick customers to enter the store, which keeps unwanted germs and viruses from spreading to other customers.

“People can call in and order, and we will take it out to them with a sterilized pen that has been disinfected and put the purchases in the back of the car," Hubert said.

The owner said if things worsen, he might consider adding a delivery service.

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