EMTs prepare for coronavirus patients

AmeriPro EMS trucks are outfitted with portable IVs, a ventilator, a paramedic and EMT

AmeriPro EMS trucks are outfitted with portable IVs, a ventilator, a paramedic and EMT

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – As many Americans stay at home to protect themselves from the coronavirus, there is a small number of people who do not have that option.

Journalists, nurses, doctors and first responders are all doing their part to serve their communities during the pandemic.

This week News4Jax reporter Jenese Harris met with AmeriPro EMS, an ambulance service that transports many patients with critical health problems and is prepared for coronavirus patients, too.

“COVID-19 attacks the airway, attacks the respiratory track, so what we are finding is in the future... we find that maybe there is a surge of patients that require critical care, these patients are going to need to be moved within the community,” Marvin McLellan, Director of Florida Operations said.

AmeriPro EMS is focused on Northeast Florida and Atlanta but travels throughout both states to get to its patients.

News4Jax got a rare look inside of the intensive care unit on wheels as a patient was being transferred.

AmeriPro EMS Director of Florida Operations Marvin McLellan give News4Jax a rare look at how each ambulance truck is equipped to handle coronavirus patients. (WJXT)

Inside, it’s like a mini-hospital room. Each truck is outfitted with portable IV infusion pumps, a portable ventilator, a paramedic and Emergency Medical Technician.

EMTs must also protect themselves as they work to keep patients alive. They wear a N95 surgical masks and eye protection, splash gowns outside their garments and sterile gloves.

“We are separating ourselves using technology from the patient because we can’t physically be six feet away,” McLellan said.

Just like police and fire rescue services, AmeriPro EMS must stay aware of any new changes from the governor or the president about COVID-19.

“Something new comes out from the state or federal department of health, as that’s occurring we are adapting,” McLellan said.

They are prepared, not knowing how long this virus will threaten the region, but they will be here to keep patients alive and get them the help they need.

Just as with any other medical professional AmeriPro EMS will be working 24/7 as so many people are preparing to help those suffering with Coronavirus.

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