Woman says suspicious man tried to break into her Mandarin home

Husband hogties burglary suspect
Husband hogties burglary suspect

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A brave mother scared off a stranger she believes was trying to break into her home before her heroic husband caught him.

The man, who rushed home from work to help after getting a call from his wife, hogtied the man who was caught on video wandering through his Mandarin neighborhood.

Jackie Gonsalez, who was working from home Tuesday afternoon, said her dogs started barking and she noticed a man approaching her home.

“That gut feeling when you see a strange person quickly walking up to your front door, makes you kind of jump into instincts,” she said.

She grabbed her 1-year-old daughter and a gun as the man tried to get into her home, jiggling her door handle.

“So I just kind a let them know that I had protection and I will use it and to please leave, so he finally did,” she said.

But five minutes later, as shown on her surveillance cameras, he returned. She said she threatened him again with her husband on the phone, and he once again left.

“He ended up getting into one of my neighbor’s house who is at home feeding her 2-month-old baby,” she said. “He ended up getting scared off and ran out.”

With the neighborhood on high alert and police on the hunt, Jackie’s husband, Aaron, showed up and drove around the neighborhood as other residents kept an eye out.

“After he had a gun in his face at my house, he still came back and attempted to break in, so I just knew he wasn’t going to stop,” Aaron Gonsalez said.

He spotted the accused prowler walking on the sidewalk just three houses down. He parked his truck, got out, body slammed him and held him to the ground until some neighbors came to help. One of them gave him a rope which he used to hogtie the suspect.

“Luckily, JSO was there within a couple of minutes,” Aaron added.

Police told the couple the intruder would be locked up and that he already had a warrant out for his arrest.

News4Jax has requested an arrest and booking report for the man taken into custody. Once the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office fulfills that request, this story will be updated.

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