Clay County meal prep company donating meals to hospitals

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – During the coronavirus pandemic, many restaurants and food services are changing the landscape of their business to continue serving the community, including a local business in Clay County.

Zach and Ashley Elkins own Lean Impact Nutrition, a meal prep company that provides people with convenient, nutrient dense options to fit their lifestyle goals.

Due to COVID-19, they can now only offer home delivery and curbside pickup.

"Our base business model was really set up to partner with gyms in the areas, we put commercial refrigerators in there and those become distribution locations for us. Obviously, all the gyms were shut down by the Governor so we had to completely transform our business model overnight," explained Zach elkins.

Part of that transformation involves a switch from serving gyms to hospitals.

“We’re all going to get through this but we’re stronger if we can get through this together,” said Elkins.

The company is donating fresh, home-cooked meals to healthcare workers fighting coronavirus.

“We wanted to give meals to people on the front line, our critical emergency room staff and maybe make their shift a little better by providing them a healthy meal,” explained Elkins.

"Also, letting them know that their community is behind them, appreciates them and are thankful for everything they’re doing,” added his wife, Ashley.

To date, they’ve donated at least 500 meals to several local hospitals, including Orange Park Medical, St. Vincent’s Clay, Baptist Downtown and Baptist South.

“Nothing makes me feel better than being able to bless them and give them just a little bit of joy during their shift,” explained Ashley Elkins.

The couple says they plan to continue donating meals as the crisis continues.

On a side note, Lean Impact Nutrition was voted the JaxBest choice for meal prep company.

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