Golfers still hitting the links around Jacksonville

JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. – With all non-essential businesses closed, many golfers around Jacksonville have been heading out to the course -- because golf courses are considered an essential business.

“Fantastic day. Everyone was social distancing. It was a wonderful day," said Ponte Vedra resident Francis Kempster, who was playing at Jacksonville Beach Golf Club on Saturday.

The course is taking precautions like limiting one person per cart, closing the ball wash, and they won’t be handing out pencils or scorecards. They have raised the cups on the green but some golfers are taking extra precautions of their own.

"I brought Lysol wipes from home, and I just want to do the handles. It is funny when you start playing you realize how many places on a cart you touch,” Taylor Rufell said.

Golfers told us since social distancing began that the course has been busy and everyone is just glad that they can still play.

“This is keeping me from going insane. I’m a school teacher, and I have had to sit on the couch teaching in virtual learning all day long, so this is the only thing keeping me from going crazy," Rufell said. "As long as I can go to bed knowing I hit a few golf balls today, I feel great.”

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