Rent worries Jacksonville woman struggling to make ends meet

News4Jax contacted the woman’s landlord, who says he’ll work with her during the pandemic

News4Jax contacted the woman’s landlord, who says he’ll work with her during the pandemic

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – This pandemic has created a new normal for a lot of people. From health to time and money, people are living with these changes daily.

Some people are really struggling to adjust to these changes, especially those hit hardest as they try to make ends meet and keep a roof over their head after losing their jobs.

Shana Shaw was among those laid off from her job. Shaw told News4Jax on Monday she’s been trying to file for unemployment but hasn’t been able to log onto the state’s website.

As we all know, Shaw isn’t alone.

But on top of the uncertainty surrounding how she will pay for basic necessities, Shaw also doesn’t know where she’ll get the money to pay for this month’s rent.

She recently got a text from her landlord saying she would be charged a late fee, or 10 percent of her rent, plus $3 for every day she is past due on that payment.

“They did not ask to see if I was okay, to see what was going on, sick or employed,” Shaw said. “They just want their money.”

News4Jax reached out to Shaw’s landlord, who said he was unaware of Shaw’s situation. He said he plans to work with her moving forward during this pandemic.

“If they would even ask for partial rent, or to wait, that would be great,” Shaw said. “And don’t charge me late fees.”

If you’re among those in a similar situation, it might be worth your while to reach out to your landlord to have a conversation about what you can afford to pay.

It’s worth noting that Chief Judge Mark Mahon has placed all evictions on hold until April 30 at the earliest, except in rare cases with extraordinary circumstances.

The city is encouraging anyone who’s facing eviction to contact Jacksonville Area Legal Aid for help. JALA can be reached by dialing 904-356-8371.

Additionally, citizens might be able to lodge a consumer complaint with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services at 1-800-435-7352.

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