Wounded Warrior Project working to create personal connections amid pandemic

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – For all those who were called to serve the nation in the military, the Wounded Warrior Project is turning to the phones to try and help veterans during the pandemic.

The national nonprofit headquartered in Jacksonville has launched Operation Check-In, and about 500 people are part of it. They say it’s already making a difference.

In a time when distance is critical to public health, the group is straining to create connections.

“Connection is really key because isolation can be very devastating, so we feel it’s one of the main reasons why we exist,” said Jennifer Silva with the Wounded Warrior Project.

Silva said the organization is trying to connect with post 9/11 veterans who are injured or ill. Often, those veterans have higher levels of anxiety connected to their time in the military.

“This can really be a tough time, and so we’re reaching out to them, making sure that they know that we’re here for them,” Silva said.

Over four weeks, the goal is for the organization to check-in with 20,000 warriors. After the first week, Silva said the initiative is a hit.

“We’re having some really positive feedback,” Silva said. “They’re grateful that there’s somebody thinking of them.”

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