Clay County company switching its focus to manufacturing masks for hospital workers, police

CLAY COUNTY, Fla. – A Clay County company is helping the community during the fight against the novel coronavirus.

True Tracking is a company that makes cameras for heavy duty trucks. Employees have adapted their skills to start making something else -- protective masks for hospital workers and police officers in the area.

The first shipment that it has produced is getting shipped to Orange Park Medical Center. Nathan Stotts, who works at True Tracking, said they’re shipping about 125 masks.

“Then next week, we’re trying to produce another 200 for the Sheriff’s Office and another 100 for the hospital,” Stotts said.

Stotts told News4Jax he’s recruited his 8-year-old son to help in the project, which he does daily after he finishes his online school work.

Typically, the company makes cameras for large fleet vehicles in companies like UPS and Pepsi, but the people that do it are handy and decided that protective masks are something they could produce in large quantities.

“There’s a group across the industry, about 10 or 12 guys,” Stotts said. "We figured that our industry has kind of slowed down because of what’s going on. Our industry has the skill set to build, manufacture things, so we decided to build PPE and protective masks for healthcare providers, hospitals, police officers, things like that.

Each mask will come with a disinfecting wipe, so after the person who is using the mask has finished for the day, the mask can be cleaned and re-used the next day.

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