Truck used to feed community stolen from Jacksonville church

Church leaders say they forgive whoever stole the truck, they just want them to come forward

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The Household of Faith Church off Edgewood Avenue said a thief stole a truck out of the parking lot.

The thief also destroyed church property, leaders said, when they rammed through the parking lot fence.

Church leaders said the truck is used to help feed the community and not having it makes it difficult for them to serve those in need during a time when many people in Jacksonville need help.

The Household Of Faith Church has already made significant changes over the past few weeks due to the outbreak of COVID-19, moving to online services. Now, they’re dealing with the theft.

Bernadette and Lewis Williams said the truck, a gray 2004 Chevrolet Silverado 1500, was stolen from the parking lot on Tuesday.

“With all that’s going on, there’s so much heartbreak going on right now, it was just another blow,” said Bernadette Williams, an assistant pastor at the church.

Williams said the thief jumped the fence before driving the truck through the parking lot fence.

The truck was used for distributing food at a nearby food bank to hundreds of families every Friday.

“No matter what you do in the community some people still don’t understand how things can be a service and what they may have taken away could have helped them one day," Lewis Williams said.

At this point, they have no idea who the thief is.

“Being a believer, we understand the times we’re living in so we pray for those people as well," Lewis Williams said.

But they’re hoping they’ll be found soon.

Church leaders say they forgive whoever stole the truck, they just want them to come forward and give their truck back.

Anyone who knows about the stolen truck is urged to call the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.

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