Fastsigns of St. Augustine finds way to show & give support to workers on frontline

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. – A sign of the care in the community, in this case, comes from a sign company.

Fastsigns of St. Augustine has designed something it hopes is a true win-win. Julie Fowler, the owner of the company, said she’s working on a community interest project that involves the creation of three signs -- all of which are yard signs that support workers on the frontline, and the people who are working to serve and care for the community.

“We’ve created specific yard signs just showing support to essential workers, health care workers, emergency responders, and 50% of the proceeds that we make from those sign purchases are going to go straight back into our local community,” Fowler said.

The signs sell for $20. About half of that is the materials and production. The other half of that money is the other side of this win-win project.

It will go to buy gift cards from local businesses, then those gifts cards go to the workers being celebrated on the signs.

“Their purchase is literally going to go directly, not only into the hands of the local economy, but to also benefit people who, right now, are working overtime to keep us all safe, and for those of us who, God forbid, do come in contact with the virus, to get those people back up and healthy as soon as possible,” Fowler said.

Fastsigns of St. Augustine is working to identify the businesses and restaurants in the city that are still open.

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