Jacksonville Beach lifeguards warn of dangerous weekend rip currents

JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. – As people head to the beach this weekend to enjoy the beautiful weather, lifeguards want to remind you to stay safe.

On Saturday and Sunday, there will only be lifeguards on duty during the morning hours.

Starting Monday, however, lifeguards will be on the beach from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Saturday was a yellow flag day, meaning swimmers were urged to use caution as there are rip currents and the longshore currents that lifeguards are keeping an eye on this weekend.

Lifeguards are asking throughout the weekend that beachgoers pay close attention to the condition of the flags to determine if the water is too dangerous to swim in because of rip currents.

They’re asking parents to keep a close eye on their small children to make sure they don’t go venturing into the water unattended.

You can also check-in with any of the lifeguards before going into the water for real-time ocean conditions.

Lieutenant Max Ervanian says Sunday is looking like another yellow flag day and they’re expecting some red flag days in the coming weeks.

“Today and tomorrow we are looking at moderate ocean conditions. A yellow flag day. We do want to have a stress though that there are still dangers in the water we still have rip currents that are present, we still have the longshore current we still have waves. So for those that are not the best swimmers, for those that are not used to ocean swimming or for those two weeks to go into the water just to stay out of the water completely,” Ervanian said.

On Monday, time restrictions at all Duval County beaches will be lifted meaning the beaches will be open all day like normal with social distance guidelines in place.

A lieutenant with ocean rescue said Saturday they expect to see high calls for service once the beaches reopen as normal.

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