High risk of rip currents to continue until Monday

Lifeguards make rescues Sunday at Jacksonville, Atlantic beaches

JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. – There was still a high risk of rip currents at Jacksonville Beach on Sunday, and lifeguards said they expect that to continue until Monday.

News4Jax was told lifeguards made rescues Sunday at Jacksonville and Atlantic beaches.

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Lifeguards and beach police were proactively asking people to stay out of the water or not go in above their knees.

If you do get caught in a rip current, first, don’t fight the current. Instead, try to swim out of it and then to shore. If you can’t escape, try to float or tread water. If you need help, call out for a lifeguard or wave your hands.

NOAA graphic
NOAA graphic

One problem that lifeguards said they were having was beachgoers not listening when they make announcements. They told News4Jax the majority of the eight calls for service that they had as of early Sunday evening were from people ignoring lifeguard rules.

Lifeguards remind people that you can use their text notification service for updates on water conditions. To get those notifications, text “duvalbeach” to 888777.

Lifeguards say you can also look for the color of warning signs and flags. Green conditions indicate calm currents. Yellow is slightly more dangerous conditions but people can still be in the water. Red means high surf, and or strong currents. If you see two red flags, don’t go in.

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