Jacksonville entrepreneur wants to help those who lost their job due to virus

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A Jacksonville social worker and entrepreneur wants to help one million people who lost their jobs due to COVID-19 by helping them find new ones and by offering them free coaching along the way.

Lequita Brooks knows that helping one million people sounds crazy, but so are the times we are living in.

“I’ve been unemployed, and I just see through the lens of a social worker and an entrepreneur, and I just see how people need both,” Brooks said.

TherapyTopia, Brooks’ company, combines job coaching with therapy to get people ready to enter back into the workforce. Through the company’s COVID-19 Thrive Campaign, anyone who lost their job can sign up at no cost.

It starts with putting together a resume. One of the biggest mistakes, Brooks said, that people make when starting the job hunt:

“They make one cookie cutter resume and they are just submitting it to everyone, and we all know in today’s society resumes are checked by robots,” Brooks said.

Brooks said that it’s important to look for key words in the job descriptions and to make sure those words are in your resume. That way if a robot does read it first, you know you have what they’re looking for.

Resume building is just one part of TherapyTopia’s Thrive Campaign.

Whether you want to sign up for the services or you want to sponsor someone through the program, you can do all of that under the same tab of TherapyTopia’s website.

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