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‘Bambi is safe’ Clay County deputies rescue baby deer

Clay County deputies rescued this fawn that was stuck in a sewer grate.
Clay County deputies rescued this fawn that was stuck in a sewer grate. (Courtesy of Clay County Sheriff's Office)

CLAY COUNTY, Fla. – A pair of Clay County Deputies rescued a fawn from a storm drain Thursday morning.

Deputy Ed Kroh and Deputy Hailey Battle were dispatched to the area after a call was made by a concerned neighbor in the area.

The rescue was posted to social media and has hundreds of likes and comments.

The post reads, “Now this will truly warm your heart,” and ended with “Bambi is safe.”

Now, this will truly warm your heart. Yesterday deputies Battle and Kroh helped save a fawn who was in distress. Well, glancing at the pictures below, mission accomplished. #BambiIsSafe #CCSOFL

Posted by Clay County Sheriff's Office, Florida on Thursday, July 23, 2020

Deputy Kroh said it looked like the fawn had been there all night.

“He was so tired when he walked away. His poor legs were almost limp like he was exhausted from trying to get out,” Kroh said over the phone to News4Jax.

Coincidentally, less than two hours after the fawn rescue, Deputy Kroh and Deputy Battle saved a group of baby possums as well.

“We were driving through the neighborhood and saw them,” Kroh said.

It was apparent to Kroh the mother possum had been run over by a car and died. Kroh then noticed 3 babies close by.

“I called my go-to guy for this kind of thing. His daughters showed up with a clean box, lined with clean cloths for the babies. They’re going to bottle feed them. They have more than a fighting chance under the care of these people” Kroh said.

Deputy Battle took some wonderful photos of the possums and shared them with News4Jax.

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One of three rescued baby possums.

Awesome job deputies! --or should we say wildlife rescuers.

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