Jacksonville family searching for puppy stolen during home burglary

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Members of a Jacksonville family are asking for the community’s help finding their 5-month-old puppy that they said was stolen during a burglary.

The family said Duke, a Rottweiler, was taken from their Sherwood Forest home last week. They said not only are they worried about their dog’s well-being, but they are concerned about their safety as well.

“We miss him so much. And me and my kids, we’re actually losing sleep over it,” said Duke’s owner, who asked not to be identified. “Nothing was missing from the house. It seemed like it was straight to the dog and right back out of the house.”

The family’s neighbor, Ernest NeSmith, witnessed the break-in.

“The door was open and about two minutes, I would say, he came out that door like a running back. Going down this way and he had the dog in his arms,” NeSmith said.

NeSmith described the man as 6-feet tall, wearing a black shirt and red shorts.

Duke’s owner said she does not know who would take her family’s dog, but she hopes they will return him.

The family asked anyone with information about the burglary or where Duke might be to contact police.

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