#Justice4Darren: Jacksonville family still looking for answers in 2019 homicide

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The case of a Jacksonville man who was found shot to death a year ago remains unsolved and now his family is asking for the public’s help.

“One year ago, my son Darren Laval Carter was murdered. They called it a homicide, gunned down in the street and left for dead a victim of gun violence. This has been my reality and the harshest words I’ve had to incorporate into my daily language,” said Monique Veney, Darren Carter’s Mom.

Carter’s family gathered at friendship fountain for a vigil to honor his life on Friday.

“I was coming home from work and came up on a scene. They said it was an active crime scene and I couldn’t get in contact with him so I felt something may have been wrong and within an hour and a half I realized that that person who had been lying in the street was my son,” said Veney. “It happened on 12th and Prospect in the Paxon area. He was actually walking home from his Godmother’s house because he was getting himself ready prepared to go to work the following day.”

On July 24, 2019, Carter’s body was found in the roadway. Police have still not named a suspect.

Carter’s family says he was known as rainbow around the community because he added color to people’s lives.

He was artistic and his mother says he was a poet and musician.

“We called Darren our boujee hippie. He was our boujee hippie, he was the life of the party, he was Darren. You know he was loving, he was caring. He was my oldest child and that’s where I actually learned to parent from because of him,” said Veney.

The family plans to honor his life again on Friday night with an intimate celebration focused on art and family.

With the hashtag #Justice4Darren, his family is now working with the Justice Coalition of Jacksonville to work towards getting answers.

“Darren left behind his essence in order for me and my family to keep him alive and keep him in our spirits and to seek justice. I don’t want this case or any case without clues because without clues there are no answers. I’m asking you the public to put yourself in my position,” said Veney.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Sheriff’s Office or Crime Stoppers to leave an anonymous tip.

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