Get your kids back up to speed and ready for school

The average student could begin the next school year having lost as much as a third of their reading gains and half of their math gains, according to researchers at Brown University. Add up all the impact COVID-19 had on academics, and the average student could fall behind seven months. Black and Latino students could fall behind even further with nine to ten months.

Math. Science. Reading. Teaching is a tough job.

“There’s a much greater appreciation for teachers now than we’ve ever had before because they’re beginning to see what teachers did,” said Sarah Sprinkel, a retired teacher.

Getting your kids ready to go back to school after five-plus months being out of a classroom is even tougher.

First, make a schedule. Structuring out the day keeps kids controlled and focused.

“We always say the younger the child the stronger the structure,” said Sprinkel.

Parcel out the day to mix in fun activities with required activities. Use everyday experiences as teaching opportunities. Use cooking to teach fractions and playtime with Legos for engineering.

Start cutting back on some of that extra screen time your kids had for the past couple of months. It will get their mindset ready for school again.

If your kid is having anxiety about going back to school, reassure your child about the safety measures being taken to protect students and teachers. Also, remind them about the positives of being able to see their friends and learn new things.