Potential $10K reward for conviction in deadly hit-and-run

Bryan Wrigley, 23, was hit, killed in 2011 while riding bicycle

Potential $10K reward for conviction in deadly hit-and-run
Potential $10K reward for conviction in deadly hit-and-run

ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. – Loved ones are hoping for new answers in a deadly hit-and-run cold case.

Deputies with the St. Johns County Sheriffs Office are still looking for information in the hit-and-run crash that killed 23-year old Bryan Wrigley in 2011.

Crime Stoppers of Northeast Florida has offered a $5,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction. Wrigley’s mother, Mandy, says she’s willing to match that reward, offering an additional $5,000.

Wrigley’s mother lives in South Carolina. Over the past nine years, no arrests have been made in her son’s death.

“There’s not any words that can describe it. I’ll never get over it, I will never stop trying. I will never stop wanting justice for Bryan,” she said. “It’s just constant with me. I get up in the morning thinking about it, and I go to bed at night thinking about it. It never leaves me and it never will.”

Wrigley’s mother said a new lead investigation has been put on the case and that detectives are re-examining evidence left at the scene. With advancements in technology over the years, she’s hoping that soon someone will be held accountable.

Investigators say the 23-year-old was hit while riding his bike near County Road 214 in St. Johns County on April 13, 2011.

The only descriptions that investigators have of the driver is a composite sketch.

St. Johns County investigators released this composite sketch of a driver who they say struck and killed a bicyclist.

A witness described the suspect as a 17 to 22 year old man. He was believed driving a truck similar to a blue Ford Ranger pickup from the 2001-2003 model year.

In the past years, Wrigley’s mother says, too many special moments have gone by without her son.

“There’s a lot of things that come to mind that I’ve been cheated and Bryan’s been cheated. my family has been cheated,” she said.

Mandy Wrigley is hoping the driver will come forward so her family can find peace and justice.

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