Hundreds of President Trump’s supporters meet for flotilla in Nassau County

Trump supporters hold boat parade
Trump supporters hold boat parade

FERNANDINA BEACH, Fla. – It was a major showing of support for President Donald Trump in Nassau County on Monday, where hundreds attended a boat parade in Fernandina Beach.

Many of them have been held locally and nationally in recent months. During a nautical parade in support of the president over the weekend in a Texas lake, five boats sank in rough and choppy waters. Officials said there were no injuries.

The water was much calmer Monday in Nassau County, where the support for the president could prove crucial in the November election. News4Jax political analyst Rick Mullaney says it’s one area where President Trump was underestimated in 2016, and it helped propel him to a win.

“Voter intensity is critically important because it all comes down to turnout, and if your voters are strongly in support they turn out,” he said. “Now, is the Donald Trump intensity enough to win by itself? It is not. Is it fundamental to him winning? It is.”

Mullaney says the the flotillas show voter enthusiasm, which could be key -- particularly in a race where most national polls have showed Joe Biden leading.

Mary Vollenweider was one of the hundreds who came out to show their support.

“I came and brought my little dog Lizzie. I support President Trump and want him to have four more years. I think he’s a wonderful president,” she said.

“He’s not embarrassed of telling his feelings and his work talks for itself more than his words,” said Tony Rivera, a supporter. “We are really proud of the job he’s done.”

The rallies and get out the vote efforts in Florida play a critical role during an election year, the country’s largest swing state.

The president is scheduled to hold an event Tuesday in Jupiter.

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