Teen says driver hit her, put her in car, drove to her friend’s house

Teen searching for driver who hit her
Teen searching for driver who hit her

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A Jacksonville teenager says she was crossing the street in a crosswalk when a car hit her, leaving her with cuts and bruises and giving her a concussion.

The 17-year-old asked to remain anonymous. According to the teen, the driver picked her up off the ground and put her in her car.

“I just got smacked down to the concrete. All I remember is that I could not feel my legs, and I was trying to get up, and I saw a whole bunch of cars parking in front of me,” the teen said.

She said she had the right of way when she was using a crosswalk Wednesday on Atlantic Boulevard near Brookview Drive. Now, she says she’s afraid to cross the street.

“I had a bad concussion for about two to three days,” the 17-year-old said. “The whole right side of my body is mainly banged up.”

She says the driver took her to her friend’s house nearby, then drove off.

“Personally, I was thinking is she going to kidnap me? What’s going to happen to me?” the teen said. “I am terrified now. I am pretty sure I have PTSD. I can’t walk in the crosswalks any more.”

When asked if the driver said anything during the drive, the 17-year-old said, “No, it was more of just like, I’m sorry I didn’t see you, I don’t have a drivers license or whatever like that, and I can’t go to jail, she kept repeating that to me.”

Rachel Huffman, the teen’s mother, said she’s shaken by what happened.

“Its very disturbing, its like kidnapping, you just hit my daughter,” Huffman said.

The family says the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office is investigating, and they’re hoping the driver will turn herself in. News4Jax has requested the incident report.

The teenager said the driver was heavy-set and drove either a black Chevy Malibu or Impala with tinted windows. The family asked anyone with information to come forward to police.

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