Convicted Jacksonville sex offender rearrested on same day he was released from prison

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The recent arrest of a registered sex offender with a documented history of repeated violations of sex offender probation is raising a lot of questions about a legal system that allows offenders to get back out into society.

The offender is 36-year old Kyle Rose of Jacksonville.

He was recently arrested by JSO on 10-counts of child porn charges on the day he was released from prison for his most recent probation violation.

In 2006, Rose was sentenced to three years in prison after he was convicted for sending child pornography to an undercover detective in Clay County. In 2009 he was released from prison but was still ordered to be on a 10-year sex offender probation. According to court documents, between 2012 and 2019, Rose had been in and out of incarceration after numerous sex offender probation violations.

Those violations included being in contact with a 5-year old girl inside a restaurant where he worked, violating a court-ordered curfew, not completing psycho-sexual treatment and allowing a couple with a small child to move in with him.

Two weeks ago, on the day he left the custody of the prison system, JSO was waiting with an arrest warrant on new child porn charges after police say multiple explicit images of children were found on his cell phone, the last time he was out of jail.

News4Jax Crime and Safety expert Ken Jefferson is a former sex crimes investigator. He says it’s an example of a flawed legal system.

“The system is not designed to keep them forever. The system is designed to incarcerate them and give them an opportunity to be rehabilitated or think about the things they done. But these types of sex offenders or deviants. They’re just going to continue to reoffend,” Jefferson said.

Jefferson says some offenders are mentally ill and while they are in prison, they’re only thinking about their next victim.

“So, incarceration is not the answer and the system is flawed. As far as sentencing a sex offender to a certain amount of time in prison then putting them on probation or releasing them back into society, it is just crazy,” Jefferson said.

Jefferson says sex offenders need professional help and without it, jail is just a revolving door.

Rose is scheduled to go before a judge next Thursday.

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