Cranberry sauce is ‘The Most Hated Christmas Food In Florida’, according to Twitter data

You know the sauce or relish made out of cranberries, commonly served with Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner? Well... apparently Florida hates it.

Cranberry sauce was listed as “The Most Hated Christmas Food In Florida,” according to Twitter data.

The findings were based on geotagged twitter data since December 1st, tracking negative sentiment tweets about Christmas food. This includes direct phrases such as “I hate deviled eggs,” “Cranberry sauce is disgusting,” “Sweet potatoes are gross,” “I hate fruitcake,” etc. etc.

The food with the most negative sentiment in each state was then mapped out.

Photo: https://www.seriouslysmoked.com/

Over 210,000 tweets were tracked.

Other notable holiday foods such as pumpkin pie, turkey, and jello salad, did not “win” any states.

The state breakdown was as follows:

  • Eggnog - 10 states
  • Cranberry Sauce - 8 states
  • Stuffing/Dressing - 7 states
  • Green Bean Casserole - 6 states
  • Fruitcake - 5 states
  • Ham - 4 states
  • Deviled Eggs - 4 states
  • Sweet Potatoes - 4 states
  • Potato Salad - 2 states

Eggnog isn’t surprising as the top pick, as it is often cited as a “love it” or “hate it” treat.

The map was put together by cooking and grilling site seriouslysmoked.com

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