Dance studio that lost 90% of students due to pandemic hoping to make comeback in 2021

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Are you looking for a new physical activity for your child amid the pandemic?

The Posh Factory Performing Arts Centre, a dance studio in town, is looking to take your child to new heights.

Sherrod Brown is the owner of The Posh Factory Performing Arts Centre - a place where children of all ages can come train in various forms of dance and learn about fine arts.

“I probably am standing in the room with the next Misty Copeland,” said Sherrod Brown, The Posh Factory Performing Arts Centre Owner. “I think it’s their right to be exposed to performing arts and creativity so that they can dream. Specifically, children of minorities. I service a great amount of Black kids here in the downtown community so it’s really important to me that I give back to them because someone had to give me a chance and expose me to arts.”

Dancers at the Centre have been featured on Access Hollywood, UniverSoul Circus, and even Beyonce’s Instagram.

Brown says dance is an excellent way to get your child moving in the new year.

“I think coming out of such of a dramatic year 2020, our kids really probably have found themselves either kind of depressed or even stagnant. Or even some kids I’ve gotten calls from parents with kids doing inappropriate things and things that aren’t becoming of little kids their age that they shouldn’t be exposed to simply because of boredom and simply because of idle minds. Performing arts is not only a way to keep your child busy but to invest into their future as well,” said Brown.

At the start of the pandemic, the studio had to take a sharp pivot to continue to meet the needs of its students while finding a way to continue to find ways to survive financially.

Brown says he has lost 90% of its students during the pandemic.

With new safety protocols set in place like temperature checks, socially distant staggered class schedules and mask-wearing, students will be back gliding across its’ floors in 2021.

If you’re interested in enrolling your child, call 802-851-7674.

The Posh Factory also plans to hold The Teen Dream Summit on January 30th, 2021. The event focuses on encouraging teens through several different speakers with a focus on entrepreneurship and appreciating self.

You can find more information on the flyer below.

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