Vice chair of Putnam Democratic Party calls for censure of 2 county commissioners

PALATKA, Fla. – In a letter, the former vice-chairman of the Putnam County Democratic Party is calling for the censure of two county commissioners.

“They also represent everyone in this county, not just the ones who voted for them, and I think they need to be cognizant and mindful of their positions and that their words matter,” Party Vice Chairman Joshua Mast said.

Mast said that the actions of commissioners Paul Adamczyk and Jeff Rawls on social media do not reflect they represent all the people of the county.

“I think too long in this county, nobody has wanted to pay attention to our local politics, and so that’s what I am doing. Last year, I ran for county commissioner District 3, I was the first openly gay candidate to run for office in Putnam County and would have been the youngest commissioner to serve if elected,” Mast said.

The 33-year-old lost to incumbent Commissioner Terry Turner.

“I was aware of the DMA, and the uphill battle, but it was about starting conversations here that should have started a long time ago with my new position. I am going to continue to be a voice for the thousands of people here that don’t have a voice and feel they are left out of our government and feel they don’t have any representation,” explained Mast, who went further to say the commissioners’ actions on social media ostracize and marginalize citizens they work for.

In a post Rawls shared on his wall -- a post that has since been taken down -- you could see a man wearing a sombrero with a caption that reads: “Mexican word of the day: ‘body wash.’ Biden was on tv but nobody wash him.”

In another post, Rawls poked fun of political correctness calling those who support it: snowflakes.

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