Haircare brand launches new scholarship program

Creme of Nature started a new scholarship program for students attending historically black colleges and universities.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Creme of Nature, a global hair brand for women with textured hair is launching a new scholarship program for students attending historically black colleges and universities.

The Jacksonville-based company is giving back through education with a new scholarship initiative.

“We didn’t just want to give out one scholarship. We wanted to be able to give out multiple scholarships. So, we said let’s partner with the UNCF and let’s create a $100,000 scholarship initiative, where we’re going to give out 20, $5000 scholarships. And it’s to any HBCU school, male or female, doesn’t matter as long as you’re enrolled in an HBCU school,” said Jolorie Williams, Revlon Multicultural and Contract Service General Manager.

This is the “Legacy of Leadership” Scholarship Fund for students attending the more than 100 historically black colleges and universities in the nation.

The scholarship was created by Creme of Nature - a global hair brand widely supported in the Black community. The company says it wanted to give back through education.

“So, we said how do we give back to that community that has supported us for over 40 years? So, education was our platform. And I wanted it to be a platform that had longevity. I’m not about a launch and leave type of marketer, I’m about launch and leverage. How do you create something and then continue to elevate it each year?” said Williams.

This multi-tiered initiative will focus on three things; education and scholarships, a diversity and inclusion council to provide better leverage for HBCU students to get professional opportunities, and a pitch competition among students to work on a real-life case study with beauty industry leaders.

At this time, the brand says more than 800 students have already applied.

Students are required to submit:

1) A completed application.

2) A video - the instructions are found in the essay section of the application.

Students can click here to apply. Registration is open until March 17th.

The scholarship winners will be announced in April.

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