Need a job? The city of Jacksonville is hiring lifeguards for the summer

Starting pay is $10/hour; applicants must have completed lifeguard training

File photo of city pool

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – If you’re a strong swimmer who’s looking for a summer job, then look no further.

The city of Jacksonville is hiring lifeguards to staff public pools over the summer, the city announced in a Monday news release. The starting pay for newly hired city lifeguards is $10 an hour.

Applicants must be 15 years old and have completed lifeguard training, which includes a 300-yard swim, treading water hands-free for two minutes and retrieving a 10-pound brick from a diving well.

“Becoming a lifeguard is (a) wonderful opportunity to learn leadership, responsibility and teamwork. Apply now for a rewarding summer job that also looks great on a professional resume,” the city said.

Interested candidates can learn more about training dates on the city’s website. To learn more about these jobs, call 904-255-4271 or send an email to

Kinsey Radloff, aquatics assistant for the city of Jacksonville’s Aquatics Office explained the need and the requirements to Vic Micolucci on Monday during The Morning Show: