Family, friends remember TV pioneer who began career at WJXT

Calvin Haywood had long-lasting television career

TV pioneer who began career at WJXT dies at 68
TV pioneer who began career at WJXT dies at 68

JACKSONVILLE, Fla.Calvin Haywood, a beloved former member of Channel 4, passed away. On Saturday, family and friends said their final goodbye to a man who made a lasting impact on local and national television.

It was a final goodbye for a man who loved television production.

“You know, some people work for a living, but basically what he did he actually loved,” said his brother, Ted Haywood. “So he lived it. So he was blessed in that area because he was actually doing something that he really loved.”

Calvin Haywood attended Jones College for communications. Then, he became a disc jockey and afterward worked at Channel 4 in the beginning of his long-lasting television career.

His brothers said he worked as a camera operator and a producer at Channel 4. Then, Calvin Haywood went to Connecticut to work for ESPN, ABC and the Yankee’s Network.

“He’s touched a whole bunch of people in his career,” Ted Haywood said.

His brothers said Calvin Haywood lived a good life that was a reflect of the things that made him happy while paving the way for others.

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