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State Attorney rules 2017 shooting death of Jacksonville man justified

Christopher "Scott" Bowman was shot and killed Wednesday night in his ex-wife's home.
Christopher "Scott" Bowman was shot and killed Wednesday night in his ex-wife's home.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The State Attorney’s Office said the man who shot and killed Christopher “Scott” Bowman during an argument in 2017 was acting in self-defense and won’t be charged, court documents show.

Bowman, 39, was shot inside his home on the Westside of Jacksonville in front of his ex-wife and two children.

Investigators said the man who fired the deadly shot, who News4Jax is not identifying because he was not charged with a crime, did so after Bowman grabbed him by the throat and started shoving him.

According to an incident report from the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, the man pulled a gun from his pocket, and Bowman let go of his neck, went into his bedroom and returned with a gun of his own. The man then fired once and hit Bowman in the torso. Bowman fired back but missed, an investigation found.

The argument started, according to the investigation, when Bowman accused the man of having a relationship with his ex-wife.

Bowman’s ex-wife told investigators Bowman was living with her at the time and the two were trying to work things out. She said she invited the man over and he and Bowman started drinking together before the argument began.

During the argument, the man told Bowman he shouldn’t beat his ex-wife, and she later told JSO she’d previously told the man about alleged domestic abuse. News4Jax learned there had been police calls about domestic violence at the home, but it wasn’t clear if Bowman was involved.

After the shooting, the man went outside, called 911 and placed the gun used in the shooting on his pickup truck.

When police arrived, he told them he shot Bowman in self-defense.

JSO stayed at the house for several days doing crime scene analysis. The man and Bowman’s ex-wife were questioned extensively. She insisted throughout the investigation that there was nothing but a platonic relationship and they did not plot to kill Bowman.