Parent-led group creates tool to report dress code incidents in St. Johns schools

ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. – There is a parent-led effort to collect and document dress code incidents that occur at schools within the St. Johns County School District.

The webpage, which is part of, states that it is not associated with any government entities, but that responses may be shared with third parties, including the St. Johns County School Board. It states that the effort is to evaluate dress codes and the enforcement of dress codes within the district.

After the site was created, it was shared on the Facebook group: St. Johns County School District: Change the Dress Code. The group advertises its goals as “(1) a fair, gender neutral district-wide dress code for the Saint Johns County School District and (2) dress code enforcement that protects the rights and maintains the dignity of all students.”

The website’s creation comes after the district adopted a new dress code in August, ahead of the new school year.

For months, the district’s dress code had generated controversy, from student complaints about how staffers’ comments on their attire made them feel “uncomfortable” to a series of poorly edited yearbook photos. The district then sent a survey to parents of students, seeking input on a dress code, and used the input to make changes.

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