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Retired veteran, swim coach who died of COVID remembered for his dedication, integrity

John Goodhue died after a long battle with COVID-19. His wife, Jan said that he fought for as long as he could.
John Goodhue died after a long battle with COVID-19. His wife, Jan said that he fought for as long as he could.

John Goodhue was a loving father, swim coach, and service member who died from COVID-19 on Friday.

His wife Jan says he was a man of integrity and was loved by so many people.

Both John and Jan tested positive for COVID-19 in August, but while Jan didn’t need to be hospitalized, John did.

Jan said he fought for as long as he could and has precious memories of him.

“He was a retired US Coast Guard Master Chief Petty Officer,” Jan said of John. “He was dedicated to me and his family. He loved raising puppies with me for canine companions.”

At 66-years old, she says he was in excellent shape.

He was a former swim coach and swimming instructor.

“He has been a mentor for a large number of people that I really did not know until his passing on Friday,” Goodhue said.

He died from COVID-19 after spending nearly a month in the hospital.

She says in the beginning they talked and text each other, but then he started getting worse.

She says she fought to get information on her husband’s treatment.

“I got a phone call at 11:30 telling me that I needed to come to the hospital to see my husband because he was not going to make it,” she said. “We talked to em. We laid hands on them. I hugged him. I did whatever I could. I saw physically the life leave him.”

Goodhue and her husband both worked in the medical field.

She was vaccinated and says she encouraged him to get the shot, but he chose not to.

But she won’t remember him for that.

But instead, for the loving and caring man he was to her and so many others.

“Ultimately, he was a very giving man,” Goodhue said. “He was a very loving man. He put his family first. Everything he did was for his family and our children and our grandchildren. He was honest, he was trustworthy.”

Hospitals continue to see unvaccinated COVID-19 patients.

Baptist Health says more than 90% of current COVID patients age 12 and older have not been fully vaccinated.

The CDC says unvaccinated people were 11 times more likely to die of COVID-19.

The spread of the Delta Variant hasn’t made the odd’s better.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services on Saturday said more than 43% of Florida’s IICU beds were occupied with COVID patients.

But the CDC says the vaccines are still highly effective against hospitalization.

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