JEA customers could see rate increase during winter

JEA file photo

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – There is a chance your electric bill could go up this winter.

Friday during a JEA finance committee meeting, it was announced that customers could end up seeing an average increase in $9.90 in fuel cost for a typical residential monthly bill -- or an 8.5% bill increase.

“In order to be transparent with our fuel costs and better match the cost to the expense, JEA plans to move to a monthly fuel rate adjustment. JEA leaders are recommending that we adjust fuel charges on a monthly basis beginning in December,” a spokesperson wrote in an email.

JEA lists a number of factors at play with the rate hike, including natural gas prices going up, oil and gas production losses and natural gas drilling activity being below pre-COVID levels.

The JEA Board still has to vote on the rate measure, which will happen at the meeting on Oct. 26.

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