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Detectives look to neighbors for answers after teen killed during Orange Park brawl

ORANGE PARK, Fla. – Detectives are going door to door in Orange Park trying to determine what exactly happened during an all-out brawl involving young people outside an Orange Park home this weekend.

During the fight, five children were stabbed and a 13-year-old boy was killed. It all happened Saturday night on Debbie Lane where one group of young people ages 10 to 14 showed up looking for a fight with teenagers who were inside. Now Clay County Sheriff’s Office detectives are back in the Grove Park neighborhood trying to determine what started it all.

A group of Clay County detectives spent hours in the Orange Park neighborhood today questioning neighbors about whether they knew anything about what went down Saturday night. That’s a huge issue because this was a large brawl and State Attorney’s Office investigators need to determine who’s criminally responsible in the fatal stabbing of the 13-year-old boy.

News4Jax spoke to several neighbors who said they only heard noises and aren’t sure who’s at fault.

“It’s kind of terrifying that it happened to five young kids. A 13-year-old, 17-year-old, it’s pretty scary that it happened over here in a nice quiet neighborhood,” Joseph Lanoy said.

News4Jax stopped by the home where the fight is said to have started and one person pulled in and closed the garage door before we could ask any questions.

Now, neighborhood parents are hoping detectives get some useful answers because moms like Courtney Survis say they’re afraid to let their children play outside with some sort of rivalry among children that left one dead and sent multiple others to the hospital.

“It’s absolutely concerning as a parent. My kids want to go ride their bikes and I won’t let them at the moment,” Survis said.

News4Jax spoke with a legal expert about the legal implications in the case and he said one of the critical things that will happen after the State Attorney’s Office determines who’s at fault will be whether to charge any of the children as adults. Also, parents of some children could feasibly be held liable for the medical expenses of victims.

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