Flagler County looking for election workers

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The Flagler County Elections Office needs poll workers for the upcoming elections.

Election poll workers are men and women who work at the polling places during early voting and on Election Day.

Training classes are happening now. Anyone interested can call (386) 313-4170 for more information or download the application to apply.

Election poll workers must:

  • Be a registered voter in Flagler County
  • Attend a scheduled election poll worker training class prior to each election
  • Be able to lift 15 - 30 lbs
  • Enjoy working with all types of people
  • Have transportation to attend training and work the election
  • Remain nonpartisan in what is said and worn on Election Day
  • Be able to work from 6:00 a.m. until after the polls close at 7:00 p.m. (about 15 hours)

You cannot serve as an election poll worker if you are a candidate, a candidate’s treasurer, an immediate family member of a candidate, OR if you are serving in a leadership position with a local political committee.



The Clerk is in charge of the polling place and is responsible for the performance of all poll workers on Election Day. Clerks are required to pick up election supplies prior to the election and return these supplies to the elections office after the polls have closed. New election poll workers start as Inspectors and with the right skills and training, they can advance to the position of Precinct Clerk.


The Assistant Clerk assists in completing necessary forms along with assisting the Clerk in every way possible. The Assistant Clerk also helps voters use the accessible voting equipment.


The Book Inspector operates the electronic poll book, verifies each voter’s photo and signature ID to determine a person’s eligibility to vote, issues ballots, and answers general questions.


The Ballot Box Inspector directs voters to the ballot box and issues “I Voted” stickers.


The Deputy designates the no-solicitation zone with guidance from the Clerk, maintains order outside of the polling place, and assists voters outside.