Alligator hunting season begins in Florida

Hunt helps manage the alligator population, FWC said

(AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

Florida’s statewide alligator hunting season is in full swing.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) estimated that the state’s alligator population sits around 1.3 million.

The hours increased from 17 hours a day to 24 hours a day during the season. Officials said the change will now allow young and senior hunters to take part.

The FWC also added precharged pneumatic airbows to the legal methods to help “assist hunters with mobility challenges and youth or smaller framed hunters who might have limited dexterity or strength.”

The FWC said there are many benefits to the statewide hunt.

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“In addition to providing permit holders with a much-desired opportunity to experience alligator hunting in Florida, alligator meat is a delicious and healthy choice,” FWC said. “In addition, the hide can be tanned and made into leather products.”

Recreational hunting is just one part of the FWC’s overall approach to managing the alligator population.

All hunters must have a permit. Those interested can click here for more information.

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