Early voting begins Monday. Here’s what’s on the minds of Jacksonville voters

Early voting begins on Monday to determine the races for the next mayor of Jacksonville, city council, and more.

Duval County has 19 sites where early voters can cast their ballots.

News4Jax wanted to hear from people in the community about issues that matter most to them, so we went and asked what’s on their minds.

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Vera Dupuis is 88-years-old. Her biggest concern is improving transportation for senior citizens around Jacksonville.

“I love walking but if they had transportation that would go up here. It’d be great for us seniors,” said Dupuis.

Amaoge Achollnu is in her 30s and wants to see improvements in overall crime.

“Safety is a big one for me, making sure we can get some of the crime off the roads and in certain areas of town. I think there’s a lot of unsolved crimes that go on and you hear a lot about that in the news and around town. It would be nice to kind to hear that there are some things being resolved,” said Achollnu.

For Jennifer Sanderson crime isn’t a big concern at all.

She and her husband and children moved to Jacksonville from Raleigh North Carolina in 2013, and just want the Riverwalk revitalized.

“We were there a couple of weeks ago rollerblading and biking and some of the pavement and stuff that you’re trying to rollerblade and bike over is you know kind of beat up,” said Sanderson.

We have already asked each candidate to outline how they would address crime, affordable housing and infrastructure, and you can read it all in our voter’s guide.

Early voting ends on March 19 and Election Day is Tuesday, March 21.