WATCH: Florida 4th-graders react to battle over school libraries, media centers

‘We want to read above our grade,’ 9-year-old Duval County student says

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Nearly one year ago, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a new law placing strict new rules on what books and media can be made available to public school students.

Since then, school administrators and media specialists across the state have worked to review millions of books and materials — being told to “err on the side of caution” with any titles that might be accused of breaching the law.

While supporters have called it a stronger filter to prevent student exposure to pornography — critics have called it a veiled crack-down on LGBTQ authors and topics —and a performative political move to stoke fear and rejection of Black American history.

News4JAX spoke to some of the students who saw all of this play out firsthand. At the request of their parents, the students’ last names and the Duval County school they attend have been withheld from this story as a means of protecting their teachers from retaliation.

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