‘We want to support him’: Hundreds gather for fundraiser to support officer shot outside Baptist South

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Jacksonville Sheriff’s Officers and people in the community came together Saturday to raise money for the officer who was shot outside Baptist Medical Center South in April.

Officer Taylor Smith approached the suspect’s vehicle and as he reached to open the door, the suspect fired a shot through the window, striking Smith in the face.

Smith and his family attended the event organized by the Signal 34 nonprofit organization.

Cofounder Kevin Munger said they wanted to show their support for Smith and his family.

“We want to support him and cheer him on his recovery,” he said.

Munger also explained why showing support for the injured officer was important.

“I think every day in a police officer’s mind that any incident can be your last. That’s kind of in the back of your mind, not something in the forefront. But when something like this happens, it’s a reality check. This could have been the last time we talked or saw him,” Munger said.

They had a raffle, a silent auction, a live band, and food for those attending.

All donations will be given to Officer Smith and his family.