28 Oakleaf residents had credit card info stolen

Clay County detectives suspect skimming device used to steal information

GREEN COVE SPRINGS, Fla. - Clay County Sheriff's Office detectives investigating a rash of financial fraud involving possible use of skimming devices on ATMs are asking the public for help.

The Sheriff's Office's financial crimes unit says 28 Oakleaf or Argyle residents reported their credit card information was stolen, even though their credit cards were not.

The Sheriff's Office says all the victims still have their actual cards in their possession and they are likely became victims when of a "skimming device" placed inside gas pumps, on the front of ATMs or even a hand-held device when the customer is not watching.

"In the technology-based world we live in today, if you have not been a victim (of your personal information being compromised), it may just be a matter of time," said Capt. Ronnie Gann. "The only way to completely avoid being "skimmed" is to pay cash for your purchase."

Detectives released photos of three men using fictitious credit cards created using stolen victim credit card information to purchase cartons of cigarettes, gift cards, gas and other items.

Many of the fraudulent transactions using the stolen credit information are occurring in the Orlando, Tampa and Miami areas, with a few in Georgia and Texas.

Over the past week, Clay County detectives have checked many businesses in the Oakleaf/Argyle looking for skimming devices, but as of midday Wednesday, none were found.

Anyone with information about this illegal activity or potential locations of a skimming device is asked to contact Detective Wayne Simandl at 904-264-6512.

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