2nd Baldwin school fight video surfaces

School district reviewing safety protocols

BALDWIN, Fla. - Yet another video of a classroom brawl inside Baldwin Middle-Senior High School is making the rounds, only this time the fight broke out in a 10th-grade classroom.

According to a witness, the female teacher didn't try to break it up, but instead ran to get help because the teenagers are much larger than she is.

The two fell to the floor and the fight was eventually stopped by another student.

It's the second fight caught on cellphone video at the school in a week. In the first fight, students say a teenage boy was being bullied and beaten by a girl because of his sexuality.

"Where were the teachers when this was going on?" parent Shelley Hart said. "(The students) were in the cafeteria. Where were the teachers?"

Parents like Hart say they don't feel safe sending their kids to school after seeing what has happened on campus. She says her daughter has also been bullied at the school.

"My daughter comes home from school every day crying from being bullied or teachers kicking her out," Hart said.

Parent Shannon Szala shares the same sentiment about the school.

"With being bullied, cornered in the bathroom, threatened, it's ridiculous," Szala said. "I'm going to try to pull my child out because nothing is being done."

Superintendent Nikolai Vitti spoke Monday about the fights. He said the district is reviewing safety protocols at the school.

"All students involved in the fight were suspended," Vitti said. "We're looking at whether the length of the suspension was appropriate for the fight."

Vitti said the school district has received several complaints from parents in regards to how the students are disciplined. He added that it's not the teachers' responsibility to break up the fight.

"The teacher should do everything they can to alert an officer, depending on the comfort level of the teacher, but they're not required to do so," Vitti said.

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