3 men injured in home invasion robbery

Men playing video games when several gunmen rushed into Arlington home

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Three men told police they were playing video games and hanging out Saturday when they heard a knock at the door.

One of the men inside told officers he looked outside and saw a woman.  According to the report, "It looked like a girl he knew, so he opened the door... after opening that door the girl was gone."

Instead, two armed men wearing masks pushed their way in. They told police "the suspects entered the residence and began striking both victims in the head with a silver handgun."

Police say one suspect went upstairs and struck a third man in the back, then said, "Give it up."

All three of the men said they were injured, although only one had to go to the hospital.   The robbers ran away, but according to the report, didn't take anything.

"If they have weapons and you don't, the best thing you should do is comply with the demands of the robbers," said Channel 4 crime analyst Ken Jefferson. "One, they don't want to stay there very long. Two, they don't want you to stare them down and give a description to police. Three, they're in there for a specific purpose. Most home invasions the bad guy generally knows what or who is on the other side."

Jefferson says if you hear a knock at your door, take a peak out your window first.  If you're uncomfortable, you can always call police and have them check things out.

No one has been arrested yet and there is no good description of the robbers because they were wearing masks.

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