9-year-old with Aspergers develops comic book

Kaleb Brown makes 'The Big M'

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A 9-year-old Westside boy who suffers from Aspergers syndrome has developed his own comic book.

Kaleb Brown, who has been drawing regularly since he was very young, has a comic book with recurring characters and a very detailed storyline. It's called, "The Big M."

"Kaleb starting putting it in a book. Wanted to make it into an animated cartoon series," said Kristen Brown, the boy's mother. "I looked into it, it's $30,000 to make a 3 minute pilot animated."

"The Big M is a giant. Well, I wouldn't say giant, more like big, and he loves tacos and burritos," said Kaleb.

He can easily explain why he enjoys drawing.

"Well, it's really fun and fun and fun. And the top reason is because it's fun," said Kaleb.

"He is a silly kid. He is just ridiculously silly. I tell him all the time, I wonder if this is what Adam Sandler was like when he was a kid," said Kristen. "And, if you let kids be silly and give them support, this is kind of things they can do."

So far, Kaleb and his mother have developed The Big M into a published comic book and stuffed animals of its characters.

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