911 call details events before police killed man

Police: Man was holding grilling fork, knife in threatening manner

WAYCROSS, Ga. - The 911 call made from the Waycross home before police shot and killed a man Friday have been released.

Family members say 43-year-old Jack Roberson's fiance called 911 while he was in distress after taking several pills. When police arrived at the home, the family said they shot the man, but he was unarmed.

Police said he was threatening them with items used as weapons.

LISTEN: Fiance calls 911 before police kill man

Police released an incident report that states what they say was in Roberson's hands.

"You don't know what kind of pills he took?" the dispatcher asked.

"He took a couple of big handfuls of them," Alicia Herron said. "He had alcohol, liquor and everything else. I don't know what will happen."

Herron called concerned that her fiance may be in danger after swallowing several prescription pills for his diabetes.

"Is he combative at all?" the dispatcher asked.

"Yeah, he threw the refrigerator down, threw glass everywhere and stuff. He broke his TV and everything," Herron said.

"He hasn't been physical towards anybody though?" the dispatcher asked.

"No," Herron said.

"Has he made any threats in reference to suicide?" the dispatcher said.

"He says he wants to die, but I don't know," Herron said.

Roberson's mother, Diann, who Herron said was also at the home during the 911 call, told a very different story Monday.

"My son was not suicidal, he was upset," she said. "That's two different things. He wasn't ready to end his life."

"Alright, just ambulance coming, right? No police right?" Herron asked the dispatcher.

"I have to notify them. I don't know whether or not they're coming," the dispatcher said.

Lt. Scott Rowell and Officer Casey Caswell (pictured above) went to the home, and according to Waycross police, Roberson was acting combative and aggressive with two items used as weapons in his hands.

Roberson's family has said all along that he did not have any weapons in his hands. But the incident report released Tuesday says Rowell said he saw what appeared to be a large grilling fork in his hand and a knife in his other hand in a threatening manner. Police said Roberson lunged at them to fire their guns.

Diann Roberson and Herron had no comment Tuesday.

The two officers are still on administrative leave while the Georgia Bureau of Investigation reviews the case. Police say it's standard procedure for police to arrive first to an attempted suicide to make sure it is safe before rescuers arrive.

The 911 communications center said it has never received any past domestic-related calls to the home, only medical calls for both Roberson and his mother.

The Justice League United, the New Black Panther Party and other activists will hold a rally at noon Saturday at the Ware County Courthouse in the wake of the police-involved shooting.

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