911 call leads to dropped charges against Times-Union reporter

Jaguars beat writer arrested Friday night, accused of misusing 911 system

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Charges of misusing the 911 system against a Florida Times-Union reporter have been dropped after the police chief of Jacksonville Beach reviewed the police report and 911 call.

Jacksonville Jaguars beat writer Tania Ganguli was arrested Friday night after claims of a disturbance at a Jacksonville Beach bar.

Police said the 27-year-old called 911 after she said an employee at Brix Taphouse pushed her to the ground.

LISTEN: Times-Union reporter calls 911

When officers arrived, they said there was no evidence to prove Ganguli's claim, a decision Ganguli disagreed with. Ganguli then called 911 asking for different officers to assist her, police said.

On the call, she had a hard time convincing the officer she was not at fault.

According to a police report that the arresting officer filed, he said Ganguli was very rude, loud, nervy and obscene.

Ganguli's 911 call reads as follows:

Ganguli: "I need to report an assault. I was thrown to the ground."

911 dispatcher: "OK, where where you assaulted?"

Ganguli: "I was assaulted at the Brix. I'm in front of (Officer) A.T. Scarborough and he doesn't believe me, and he's refusing to take my statement and he's refusing to believe that I was assaulted at a bar. I got cuts on my feet, and I don't think I deserve this."

Operator: "OK, he is with you now?"

Ganguli: "He's with me know, yes, and he is telling people not to believe me."

Operator: "And he's what?"

Ganguli: "He's telling people that I'm lying. I'm asking him to give me the Breathalyzer to prove that I am intoxicated. I'm not intoxicated. I'm asking him to prove it, and he doesn't want to do it. He's telling me I'm a liar."

Then the recorded call takes a shift, and the officer is heard asking Ganguli what she is doing.

Ganguli: "I'm on 911."

Scarborough: "I know you are, and I can put you in jail for that."

Ganguli: "For misuse? I was thrown to the ground and you are not doing anything about it. No."

Then some movement can be heard and maybe a scuffle, followed by a sobbing Ganguli. She pleads with the officer and says she's sorry.

Ganguli: "I didn't do anything."

The officer makes a few statements while Ganguli pleads with him, and then this:

Officer: "You are going to jail for misuse of 911."

Ganguli was arrested and taken to the Duval County Jail early Saturday morning, then released later that day.

According to Jacksonville Beach police, after Chief Bruce Thomason listened to the call, he said it did not rise to the level of misuse of 911, which is why he asked that the charges be dropped.

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