911 calls detail road rage shooting

Deputies: Former Flagler Beach officer shot Flagler County firefighter

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. - As heard in 911 calls released Monday by the St. Johns County Sheriff's Office, Jared Parkey wife's frantically pleaded for help Friday night after deputies say Nathaniel Juratovac shot the Flagler County firefighter twice.

Juratovac, 40, a former Flagler Beach police officer, is now charged with attempted murder.

Juratovac fired shots at a passing car while driving down U.S. Highway 1 South between Watson Road and Southwood Road, deputies said.

Operator: 911.
Caller: Please, please, please come, hurry.
Operator: Hello.
Caller: We're on U.S. 1, please, behind the Publix. South of ...
Operator: What's going on?
Caller: My husband just got shot. Please hurry.

UNCUT AUDIO: 911 calls to St. Johns County Sheriff's Office

Witnesses say Juratovac slammed on his brakes because 30-year-old Parkey was following too closely. Juratovac said he tapped his brakes as a warning when Parkey followed too close behind him. Witnesses say Parkey threw a water bottle at Juratovac's car before the two vehicles collided.

When both came to a stop, both Juratovac (pictured, right) and Parkey got out. Investigators say Juratovac was armed with a gun.

Operator: 911.
Caller: This is -- I need you. I need an ambulance. I need -- I'm a supervisor now. Signal 18. South. Half a mile south of Wildwood Drive. Shots fired. Not me.
Operator: Shots to the bridge?
Caller: No, I can't tell. I'm trying to control my husband. Hurry, please.
Operator: We've got folks here. Rescue is ...
Caller: Hold on. He's bleeding. He's conscious. I'm checking his pulse. He's conscious and bleeding. The gun's secured.
Operator: Where on Wildwood?
Caller: (Inaudible) Get that gun down. Get your hands up.

Both Juratovac and Parkey had their wives and young children in their cars when the road rage spiraled out of control.

Operator: 911, what's your emergency?
Caller: Yes, do you got units coming down to U.S. 1 South?
Operator: Yes. Is it in reference to gunshots?
Caller: Yeah. There's a guy down. We need rescue.

Parkey was flown to Shands Jacksonville Medical Center, where he was treated and released. Parkey is now recovering from his injuries at home. 

"It's mind boggling that two grown men with their families would do something like this," said St. Johns County Sheriff Office's Kevin Kelshaw. 

Robin Wilson said she pulled up after Juratovac fired shots.

"I didn't think the bleeding was slowing down," said Wilson. "The man had rolled over on his side and I was just kind of putting pressure there, but the sheet wasn't working that good, so I started thinking about what I had in my car."

Juratovac was arrested on attempted murder charges. Detectives said they are still piecing together evidence and more charges could be filed against both men. 

"Are they both at fault? We think so and I think the investigation will show that down the road," said Kelshaw.  

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