911 calls detail teen's killing in 2010

Documents: Shooting started with dispute between teen girls, ex-boyfriend

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Horace Lee James Jr.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The 911 calls released Tuesday reveal how a teen night in an Arlington neighborhood turned deadly when shots rang out in September 2010.

"There's been gunshots. We're all on the floor. We're over on Arlington (Road) and University (Boulevard) right next to Walgreens," one caller said.

Two other callers reported gunshots at the corner of Arlington and University.

"There's a gunfight going on over here down on University Boulevard," one caller said.

In response to the cries for help, police were called out to the shooting death of Horace James, a 14-year-old caught in a hail of bullets outside a nightclub.

LISTEN: 911 calls night of shooting | IMAGES: Evidence photos in killing

During one frantic call, a dispute can be heard about whether James had died. Police said he died later at the hospital.

"He's dead. They say he's dead," one caller said. "He's not dead. Please, hurry up."

"Ma'am, did you see who the person was that got shot?" a 911 dispatcher said.

"No, I didn't see them because I ran. I heard gunshots and I ran," the caller said.

"Ma'am, there's already help on the way. You don't have to yell at me. We've got help on the way out there to help," the dispatcher said.

Hundreds of documents in the case show it all started as a dispute between two teenage girls and an ex-boyfriend.

According to police reports, witnesses knew trouble was coming, and someone told James to run right before Jeremiah Corbett (pictured above) opened the side door of an SUV and started shooting.

"I don't know the boy. I just heard some shots and I came back and the boys was on the ground, and they're over there crying. Can you just please hurry up?" one caller said.

When rescuers arrived, they found two teenage girls suffering from minor gunshot wounds and James unresponsive.

All of them were leaving a birthday party at a club called Menage.

If convicted, Corbett faces the death penalty. His trial is scheduled for June.

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