Airline cracks down on oversized carry-on luggage

United Airlines announces stricter carry-on rules

By Scott Johnson - Reporter , Elizabeth Berry

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - United Airlines announced Tuesday that they've decided to step up enforcement on passengers who try and bring carry-on luggage that's too big.

"I think it's a good idea. There are only so many cubic inches in those overhead compartments and when people stuff more in there, you can't accommodate all the other passengers," said traveler Doug Covert.

Covert told Channel 4 that he's been on too many flights where passengers are delayed while oversized bags have to be un-wedged from overhead compartments.

"When people stuff more in there then can accommodate, I think it does all the other passengers a disservice," said Covert.

Passengers like Kathy Sutton think United is going too far, saying she often brings a bag on board that's about 2 inches too big to technically fit into the overhead carry-on compartments.

"Do you figure out how to get it in the overhead compartment?" asked Channel 4's Scott Johnson.

"Yes, I do. I continue on," said Sutton.

"Have you ever had a problem with them saying it's too big?" asked Johnson.

"No, they let it through," said Sutton.

Diane Roman told Channel 4 that she's suspicious as to why United is making this move and believes it is motivated by money.

"I think it's annoying at the least. I think they charge enough with the gas as it is. I understand it's an industry, but I think it's out of control personally," said Roman.

A United Airlines spokesperson gave Channel 4 a statement, reading, "The stepped-up enforcement is to address the customers who complained about having bags within the size limit and weren't able to take them on the plane. That is solely what this is about."

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