Are We in a Pre-Revolutionary Society?

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Chris Hedges, a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, wrote a New York Times best selling book called "Days of Destruction Days of Revolt."

Hedges writes that as long as the ideals of a nation hold currency then the establishments of that nation are unassailable - even when those power structures no longer subscribe to the ideals of the nation.

Think Animal Farm: the powerful pigs still talked the talk but they literally did not walk the walk, the pigs ended up only walking on their hind legs. 

Hedges says that revolutions are not planned they are organic and a consequence of ideals that begin to ring hallow to the general population. 

The real danger, he says, is when the establishments crumble and their isn't a new egalitarian vision to take the place of the old system(s). The people with the vision are the ones that are able to set the new standards, even if those standards are infused with not so attractive ideologies. 

So, of course, the debate and discussion about Hedges' premise is multi-faceted and varied. Check out the link and let us know what you think. 

Is the United States in a pre-revolutionary state?

Chris Hedges is a Harvard Seminary graduate and journalists who has written multiple books and who famously stated "I don't believe in atheists."