Arlington man warns neighbors about vandals

Resident says vandals threw wood into his front window

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - An Arlington man says vandals threw pieces of wood into his front window as he slept early Friday morning. 

Daryle Denusta told Channel 4 he can't think of anyone who would want hurt his neighborhood and hopes sharing his story will lead to the person responsible.

"I came out with a bat, I was like, what if someone is here?" said Denusta. "We have three little kids, so I was thinking someone's in the backyard and if I run out, someone's going to run in."

Then Denusta said he saw something he will never forget.

"It was pretty much that long, sticking up through the top window, tore the blinds down," said Denusta. "If it was one person, it'd have to be one pretty big person." 

The vandals caused a couple hundred dollars worth of damage, Denusta said.

Police haven't found the suspect. Denusta is asking his neighbors to be on alert, He said he fears that the vandals could strike again.

"Just a little shaken up, you know, worried about safety, especially with kids," said Denusta.


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