Attorney: Commissioner is being treated unfairly

Brunswick City Commissioner James Brooks faces 6-count grand jury indictment

BRUNSWICK, Ga. - The attorney representing Brunswick City Commissioner James Brooks says his client is being treated unfairly.

Alan Tucker, Brooks' attorney, spoke with Channel 4 over the phone, and said the case is taking a toll on his client.

"Well of course he's feeling rather distraught. He hoped that after a year maybe this thing would die down a little bit," said Tucker.

Brooks is charged in connection to a murder case, and is facing a 6-count grand jury indictment involving soliciting bribes. He is accused of taking bribes from people in exchange for wiping their criminal records clean.

Brooks has already spent three weeks in jail last year.

The longtime city commissioner must turn himself in at the Camden County Sheriff's Office by 12 p.m. Monday. Brooks enjoyed his remaining time with his family on Easter Sunday before his return to jail.

Tucker said the indictment is one-sided, and the truth will come out in court.

Tucker said he is hoping for a proper verdict. According to the attorney, there's more at stake than Commissioner Brooks going to jail.

"The sad thing about this is that the commission Brooks is removed from, his office by the governor, that leaves approximately 16,000 Brunswick citizens who will have one less voice in their city government," said Tucker.

Brooks may not be locked up for long. Tucker said he plans to work out an arrangement to reach a bond agreement first thing on Monday.

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