Attorney: Jones-Drew 'viciously attacked' client

No charges filed against Jaguars running back

By Kent Justice - Anchor/reporter

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. - An attorney in the case of a man who claims he was knocked unconscious by Jacksonville Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew during Reggae Sunday at the Conch House Marina Resort says Jones-Drew "viciously attacked and severely injured" his client.

Attorney Gregory Anderson, who's representing the Conch House, said that at the time Jones-Drew attacked Conch House security officer Kasim Howard, 31, of St. Augustine, Howard was attempting to protect several women from harassment by members of Jones-Drew's entourage.

Prior to the attack, Howard never saw, spoke with, nor confronted Jones-Drew, Anderson said.

He said Conch House security video captures Jones-Drew rapidly approaching Howard from the back left side and sucker punching him in the jaw. Anderson said that as a result of the attack, Howard suffered a dislocated jaw and spinal injuries. He was hospitalized, later released and is recovering at home, Anderson said.

"The current attempts by some to characterize this as a 'scuffle' are misleading and unsupported by any evidence," Anderson said in a news release. "Any fair-minded person watching the video has to conclude that Mr. Jones-Drew initiated an unprovoked attack on Mr. Howard and then literally ran away from the scene. The videos, in addition to virtually all eyewitness accounts, unequivocally prove that Mr. Jones-Drew attacked the security officer without provocation."

Jones-Drew's agent tweeted shortly after the news broke: "Maurice was there and was not involved. As soon as an altercation broke out, Maurice exited the premises."

The St. Augustine Police Department is continuing its criminal investigation. The state attorney's office will decide if charges will be filed.

"It could take a couple weeks, a month maybe. Wouldn't think more than that," police spokesman Mark Samson said. "They'd take it from there with their investigators."

Samson said Jones-Drew is cooperating with the investigation and would be returning to St. Augustine to talk with detectives.

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